Pamela Brown, The Other Mozart



A conspiracy of silence, a nearly 300-year-old mystery, a vortex of time and space, and an alternative to what may have happened to Wolfgang Mozart on the night he died?  In fact, Mozart may have already given us in his last major opera -- "Thy magic tones shall speak for me, and bear my message, Thou all cares of heart canst banish, And hate and wrong before thee vanished.


What if God allowed Mozart to leave a legacy far beyond the multitude of compositions of genius? 


What if? 



Is this the real Magic Flute that Mozart talked about in his opera?  Is the opera unfolding in real life in the middle of this country in a state whose name sounds a lot like "Monostatos"? Is this, in fact, the reason the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra changed its name to the Minnesota Orchestra? Why did members of the Orchestra call Ms Brown "the most exciting musician since Mozart," and her playing as "the real magic flute" and then attempt to silence her with slander and more? Does the opera Die Zauberflote have a connection to me and my family? Does the 18-month-lockout of the players in 2012 also have a connection to us?


Why not watch for yourself? Out of Night and Fog


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